Bath, a barrister-led Masterplan – Parameter Plans in a World Heritage Site. An old project now, yet an elegant solution and often talked about here.

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Spatial Strategy

Most developers will be working from a residual valuation; even if it is on the back of an envelope - if you like, a Financial Strategy. What informs that should be more than a sketch, it should set out the spatial division of the site; look at how this can be delivered; the alternatives and options.

This is what we call a Space Strategy

We develop a robust Space Strategy for all of our projects, in turn, this supports the progress of the scheme in the Planning System.

Even for small projects, we often use the source-path-receptor model; based on our experience of Evironmental Impact Assessments, which gives additional 'weight' to our Design and Access Statements and supports best practice - esp. with regards to Sustainability.

Urban Design & Masterplanning

We draw on our Architectural & Masterplanning experience - fluently controlling the development process to create positive places and spaces based on an implicit understanding of the delivery of individual buildings.

Extensive Masterplanning & Urban Design experience -- particularly Spatial Masterplanning enables us to focus on the conditions needed for successful development.

We have delivered projects in many sectors -- High Density Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial and Arts.

What do we do?

Our work has been described in many ways, here are a few:

  • Architecture
  • Urban Design
  • Master-planning
  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Team Management
  • Mixed-use Residential Development
  • Sustainability
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Development Strategy
  • Sustainable Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Sustainable Design
  • Project Coordination
  • Urbanism
  • Place Keeping
  • Public Space-making
  • Place-making
  • Visioning & Goal Development
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Streetscapes
  • Urban Infill & Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Greenbelt & Rural Development
  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Site Plans
  • Urban Revitalisation & Renewal
  • Neighborhood Planning
  • Neighborhood Revitalisation & Renewal
  • Pedestrian Planning

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